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 » Wish upon a star, take a step, enter the land; walk through the air, take my hand. Wishmaster's will- join him the quest for dream, a make-believe is all we ever need.
 Welcome to Legacy, my personal site. As you can see, it changed. A lot. I wanted to have a site that will reflect who I am, what I love and respect, and that is how new Legacy was born. If you don't like it, I won't ask you to leave. I will ask you to stay, try to understand me and hear my opinion. The choice is all yours.

 » Wish upon a star, no matter who you are; the second star to the right, Harbinger's gate, beyond the boundaries; blossom ballet in the great wide somewhere
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This is a legacy copy of my personal website from 2003. The code is intact (aside from cleaning up a few scripts that have no function in this context) and only a few tiny identifiers have been edited out. The numbers below were links to my other profiles and websites of interest, all of them long gone. The next page is the only preserved copy I have, one listing all of the website skins that I made available. I hope you enjoy this piece of history. (Oh, and sorry about the text size - we had CRTs with smaller resolution back then. And we were younger.)

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