Hi and welcome to my Guild Wars art page! :)
I started playing Guild Wars 1 around summer 2005, and while I could not play it much initially (a MMO over a 56k dial-up connection wasn't very fun, what with the growing phone bills!) it inspired me to create artwork based on the game.

The adventure continued with Guild Wars 2, the inspiration stronger than ever. I fell in love with the colourful Sylvari (I learned a ton about art and design from Kristen Perry's design document), the clever Asura, the fluffy proud Charr, the resilient Norn. And, well, us Humans are there, too.

Since my return to painting more personal art in 2016, many people have asked me to paint their characters, and I happily obliged. So here's a little page of my journey, one I ended up taking on with other people by my side. This is a little thank-you to everyone who has supported me over the years. I hope you enjoy meeting the colourful characters as much as I enjoyed painting them. :)

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First Try Brigade [VGA]

A group shot of my guild First Try Brigade [VGA], commissioned by the awesome Mae. These are the people I have been playing with since late 2013 - so many adventures and memories... Here they are:

Rezzah - Our plucky asura Necromancer, always ready to solo tank that boss or break a jar or two of Harpy Love over our heads!

Heliotrope - Our - my - mesmer, with a love for exploration, jumping puzzles, and stacking shiny infusions.

Fertudo Souslayer - Our fearsome Kitty, the master of marshmallow swordfights and taking naps.

Pyxis Philae - Our dearest elementalist will dazzle you with her impeccable WvW skills and that Bubblegum dye. Her favourite element? GLITTER.

Ghost Enzo - Enzo and Plar the bear are inseparable friends - hunting legendary weapons all day long. So. Many. Legendaries!

Mylae Xar - Our awesome ranger and magician! Hmm... where could his white rabbit be this time?!

Mijans - Need a light? Our fiery elementalist has got plenty to go around, and then some more! 🔥

Proud Platypus - Our kind-hearted engineer, always up for exploration and adventure. Got a new void to jump down? Let's go!

Inspector Snepter
Inspector Snepter, noir inspired poster, for the little snake gumshoe that does his best to solve crimes! Alas, dangers lurk on the rooftops of Divinity's Reach...
Inspired by the legendary scepter, Xiuquatl.
Wraithe, the necromancer sylvari. Pictured here summoning his loyal minions - the smokey Shadow Fiend and two Bone Minions. The setting is inside of a cave in the Tangled Depths jungle, the darkness and murky waters complementing Wraithe's blood red and acid green style.
Lilu is a sylvari mesmer, elegant and graceful in her Orchid inspired outfit. The spectral purple butterflies and flass shards fly around, showing off the mesmer's mysterious, mind-altering nature.
Human Ranger
A human ranger (name not given) enjoying a day off amidst the cotton candy clouds. Her loyal dog is besides her - this is the real-life dog of the player this was commissioned for, which adds a special layer of connection between the reality and the game character.
Portrait of a handsome sylvari revenant, Starmist, gazing into the warm sunset. Sylvari portraits are a lot of fun to do, because I can focus on their plant-like structure and the unusual skin and hair colours.
Mylae Xar
Mylae Xar, commissioned by a guildmate that I've been playing with for many years. It's a lot of fun to paint a character you already know, and even then you get to discover aspect of them you may have never known. Inspiration came from this lovely piece of writing I had been sent along with the request:
After toiling away at collecting materials and spending many moons outside under the night sky, he has now crafted the legendary axe Astralaria. Since then something clicked with his magic.

Wielding such a majestic weapon and the power of the celestial plane in his hand he now knows how to pull life outside of it! And now, he has the perfect opportunity to test it.

He unsheathes Astralaria and takes his wizard's hat off, holding both it in one hand. His wyvern at the side, looking delighted, anticipating the reaction on the next sparkle prank.

Faint blue shimmering of the celestial plane sparkles around. The magician counts ten heartbeats and finally, says the magic words. Puts his paw inside the hat.

And out comes a bunny rabbit!

And this is the tale of Mylae's first magic success, you can now imagine the gleefulness and happniess in his face on this major feat.

Oh!!!! Catch that rabbiiiiit it's getting awaaaaaaay!!!!!!
Luci is a human thief, highly capable and always ready to kick ass! This time, I was asked to portray her in a slightly different light: dressed up in a gorgeous, sparkly gown, with her hair down, looking very happy and pleased with herself. Sparkly dresses are my weakness, and as such I'm more than delighted to paint them!
Quaggan Tattoo Design
And now for something different! I got to design this awesome looking Quaggan tattoo. The initial request was to do lineart with a splash of colour. Since I am only doing the design, I always let the tattoo artist modify the design as much as necessary to fit the client's needs and make it look amazing on skin.
As you can see, the final is in full colour with some beautiful tone transitions, the Choya kite has been flipped for a better composition, and the rope is simplified. Seeing the final result makes me so giddy - and it's always a great learning experience in translating work in other mediums!

Tattoo by: Black Bee Tattoo

Riall, the brave and stern asura. This was a rare traditional ink commission with some colour added digitally. It was great to do all the little details and play around with a more serious character expression.
Portrait of Aeva, the strong and arrogant norn thief. The painting was a reward for one of my twitter giveaways. You may see the full painting process below!
Kasmeer and Jory
The happiest fanart of them all: Kasmeer and Jory! They are in-game story characters, but I was commissioned to draw them as a gift. Their love never fails to put a smile on my face.
+ Hawt and Mijans
A Calvin and Hobbes inspired painting for my two guildmates! I tried to underline the lightheartdness with a digital watercolour style and vibrant colours. Ready, set, GO - it's adventure time!
Thereon Avenrise
Thereon the adventurer, looking for a place to settle down! This was done for a contest, in which I won the 2nd place. It was redone a few times, and ended up being a major exercise in a new style that is more 'warm' and pencil-like. I like it a lot, but it ended up being very difficult on my hand, which is why you don't see me draw like this anymore.
Rezzah, my partner in crime (and more than that)! Here you can see a cute birthday gift full of hearts, and a silly sketch combining Tiny's insatiable appetite, fluffy bunnies, and Rezzah's ability to raise the dead. Not too different from real life, honest.
Kit the Traveler and Mr. Sprinkle Yakkington
A commission for Kit and her friendly dolyak, Mr. Sprinkle. Kit runs in-game community events, sending out gifts to players. In her own words:
What does Kit the Traveler do? She does the same thing Nicholas Sandford did in Guild Wars. Kit has an adventure every week involving the community of Guild Wars 2. These adventures act as quests and require certain materials be traded to receive a gift.
When a player mails Kit the Traveler the required items she will send them a gift in return. The gifts are typically randomized and there is no set quest reward. The goal of these community quests is to keep the Guild Wars 2 community happy and have fun.
More about the Traveler project: here

Personal Art

Hèliotrope is my first and main Guild Wars 2 character. She is a Mesmer, a descendant of my Guild Wars 1 mesmer, originating from Amnoon Oasis. I have tried to paint her many times over the years, using various techniques. Attempting to do your own characters justice is very intimidating!

Her name originally comes from The Witcher 2 game, which I was a big fan of at the time. The Heliotrop Sign is a powerful skill that slows down the enemies, reminiscent of the Mesmers' ability to manipulate time. Fittingly enough, 'heliotrope' is also a shade of purple, as well as the ability of flowers to turn to the Sun as it moves in the sky. (Fun fact: the sunflowers in GW2 will slowly turn towards the sun over time!) And, well, it just sounds fancy.

It's been a long while since I painted this character for the last time. I would like to do at least one more painting, depicting her wearing the "main" black and gold outift with butterflies and a mask.

Bee and Aye Cherry
Bee, the rockstar inspired sylvari ranger. Every time I make a new character, I try to follow a certain theme when picking the colours and outfits. Bee is based on rockstars and pop culture, and her pets often have celebrity themed names. To name some:
  • Eagle - Aye Cherry
  • Black Moa - Emoa
  • Raven - Quoth

Tiny Salad
The elementalist with a silly name who grew on me (hehe, geddit, because she's a plant... no, please, don't leave...!) Salad is a character I designed around a specific orchid-themed armour set, making sure to match the pinks and greens in an organic way. The initial sketch for this painting was drawn months before, but not with a sylvari in mind.

A variety of personal GW2 art that doesn't fit any previous categories.

Gilding the Halls
"Gilding the Halls" was painted for the Chimes, the Wintersday Zine 2018 project and was available as a postcard. It is inspired by vintage postcards and features the fan favourite Plush Griffon helping deocorate for the Wintersday celebration.
Kas & Jory: Free Printable
Originally done as a For Fans submission - it got enough votes, but was not picked by ArenaNet as a part of the official line-up in the end. So I decided to release the design for free, with a few variations to boot! You can see the rules and download it below:

RULES: The design is free for you to download, print, share with your friends, and modify for personal use. Please DO NOT reupload, copy, claim as yours, or share modifications publicly without my permission (DM/e-mail me first, I’ll probably be chill about it!) You are not permitted to make any kind of profit off the design - it is free for everyone.

If you print the design, please feel free to share photos. I’d love to see what you’ve done with it! :D

Instructions || Hands Only | Pastel Rainbow Heart | Pink Heart

Guild Wars 1 Art

Nill was my first Guild Wars 1 character, a mesmer. While I did not play the game as much as the second one, I absolutely loved all the mesmer clothes because they incorporated stylish masks and noble clothing. The first time I painted her, it was for a fan magazine cover. I chose my favourite Elegant Elite armour because of all the peacock feathers and fun patterns.

The second painting is called "Bestiary" and it depicts the time I changed her clothes to be steampunk-themed. I also decided to collect as many ranger pets as possible, so there she is with her wolf. The environment is inspired by the autmumnal woods of Ascalon. This is possibly one of the first paintings where I attempted to paint a full background. These paintings are from 2009-2010, so quite old now!

And more random images! The Palawa Joko one was done for an official Wintersday contest, I thought it would be funny to paint him making an undead snowman. My apologies about the dark tones, the image looked brighter on my old CRT monitor.
The second one was for the fan magazine once more, this time to accompany a parody of E. A. Poe's "Raven" called "Moa".

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