ChaosMole Visual Development

⊹ Visual development of Mole & Friends, created for ChaosMole's livestream channel. ⊹

In 2017, I was asked to create a small set of emotes for ChaosMole's streaming channel on (now defunct) streaming website Beam, later known as Microsoft's Mixer.

The project quickly grew, and I designed additional characters (Mole, Cousin Mole, Frank the Chicken, and Old Mole), along with new assets that allowed for more creative freedom. Stickers, illustrations for specific videogames, start/offline screens, animations, and more.
After Mixer was gone, we adapted the graphics for Twitch, and then Trovo Live. Each website has slightly different requirements, and it was important to adapt the art to suit each one of them.

Here is an insight into the creative process that went into bringing these characters and their adventures to life.

Art by: Dona Vajgand
Characters: ChaosMole

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Emotes - For Beam/Mixer

Left - rough colour sketches sent to the client. Right - the final emotes.
The biggest challenge was adhering to Mixer's 24x24px size limit while keeping the emotes clear and readable.

Emote Samples

Emotes - Big

Left - rough colour sketches sent to the client. Right - the final emotes.
The bigger emotes were made when Mixer changed their size requirements. These are meant to be viewed on different devices, and as such they have to look good at any size. I changed my sketch style to show how it would look at three different sizes, to ensure it looks good for all users. The change allowed for some more freedom and nicer, more detailed lighting on the characters.

Emote Samples


Stickers are a fun addition to any stream and allow for more character exploration. Typically, they are used as a reward during live streams, and the design is supposed to immitate traditional sticker sheets. Stickers have a big storytelling potential because it's easy to depict various events and they are convenient to make for holidays and season changes.

Sticker Samples
Animated Sticker Animated Sticker Animated Sticker

I usually do the first exploration sketches on paper, then pick out the best ideas to sketch digitally and send to the client. There is a lot more work involved than what anyone besides me gets to see. Brainstorming like this helps avoid the cliches and the stickers look more creative as a result. Here's a sample of sticker sketches, for the summer sticker set.

Sticker Sketch Sample

Event Screens

Full size screens to depict various states: stream break, stream offline, E3 event, karaoke night.

Event Screens

Videogame Modification Screens

A special type of "event screen" created for specific videogame streams. They are a modification of official art, repainted in the style of the game, showing how Mole and his friends would look like if they were a part of that game.

Event Screens - Modifications

Videogame Screens

Screens used for specific videogames, conceptualized from scratch.

Event Screen - Yakuza
Event Screen - Anno 1880
Event Screen - Cyberpunk 2077

Character design for the Cyberpunk 2077 screen, depicting the Mole crew in the cyberpunk setting.

Event Screen - Cyberpunk 2077 - Character Design

Concepts for the final screen, exploring what's iconic about the design and history of Cyberpunk.

Event Screen - Cyberpunk 2077 - Concept Design

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