Livestream Graphics

⊹ Graphics for your livestream, wherever your streaming home may be! ⊹

Hand-painted graphics for your livestream to fit your needs, including:

Not limited to any particular platform.

I can do very simple animation, or create animation-ready assets for someone else to animate.

Payment via PayPal invoice.
Pricing is listed below.

Please make sure to read the Terms of Service first.

For inquiries, please e-mail me at: dona.vajgand @
with the subject line "Stream Art Inquiry", or use the order form.

What do you get?

Flat pricing, no additional fees. All prices are in Euros, please consult for the latest currency exchange rates.

Keep in mind this is for the base license only. Commercial (merchandising) rights must be purchased separately.
Please see the full Terms of Service for a detailed explanation.

Emote (Non-Partner)22€
Emote (Partner)27€
Animated Emote45€
Sub Badge22€ (per badge*)
Flair17€ (per flair*)
Mascot Logo (no text)310€ (+ additional fee if designing a character from scratch)
Break screens, panels, alerts, any other custom art assetCase-by-case pricing, depending on complexity and chosen style. See my regular art commissions for a rough pricing guide.
MerchandisePlease inquire for details

* The price for variations varies based on how different it is from the base design. Simpler variations (ie. colour change) come with a smaller fee.

⊹ How to order ⊹

Send an e-mail or fill out the form:

▸ Additional art: Full visual identity development for ChaosMole

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