Dona Vajgand


September 2021 Ko-Fi Blog Clip Studio Paint Tutorial The Hue Project

PONY SYNDROME - Personal Work
Joy the Tiefling - Commission
Sasha and Milla - Psychonauts 2 Fanart
Why We Return - Personal Work
Lilu - Guild Wars 2 Commission
Cyberpunk 2077 - Commission
The October Witch - Personal Work
Mylae Xar - Guild Wars 2 Commission
HELiOCENTRiCiTY - Personal Work
Tiny Salad - Personal Work
The Fall - Light ver. - Personal Work
The Fall - Dark ver. - Personal Work
Wraithe - Guild Wars 2 Commission
Valor - Personal Work
Gilding the Halls - Postcard for Guild Wars 2 Zine
1996, Summer - Personal Work
You peer through the gates and see a lush garden...

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Dona Vajgand is a freelance illustrator, concept artist and designer. Her vibrant work is inspired by nature, the fantastic, and the surreal.
Dona has a rich background working on graphics for video games, and frequently collaborates with live streamers on creating hand-drawn images and animations for the broadcasts.
Other interests include reading, gaming, journaling, and hiding super secret stuff in plain sight.
E-mail: dona.vajgand @